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Students First Program

School Marketplace | Promise-U

For more than twelve years, Our Students First Program - Promise-U project has provided over $35,000 in graduation gifts and academic scholarships to college students. Last year, we expanded our Students First Program to provide free school supplies for our youngest scholars from low-income households, K through 5th grade, at Title I schools including Poinciana, Galaxy, and Forest Park elementary schools through The School Marketplace, a school-based “store”.
While many organizations give away supplies at the beginning of each school year, a few months later, when the pencils and crayons are used up, the ruler is broken, and the backpack is ripped, neither our kids nor their parents have a way to replace them. The School Marketplace provides these children, from under-resourced homes, year-round access to “FREE” school supplies and learning materials to ensure they can study with confidence and have the supplies they need to do homework and projects- the kinds of supplies their affluent peers have readily available. St. John Community Promise, Inc. has made this promise to support our children, all year long.

Program Goals

  • To improve learning, promoting civic engagement, and strengthening communities through addressing their school supply and societal needs, as well as help, uplift, and support those students who are deprived of certain services and learning materials.
  • Assist in the implementation and success of students to better academically prepare them in having higher levels of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-efficacy through their acquisition of consistent utilities and basic needs.
  • By understanding that education is a human right and a crucial resource, increase the access to learning and decrease the generational cycle of being underserved.
  • Enhance the goals of transformational community development, insisting that when a community can learn, that same community can control its future.
  • Help students increase their engagement in class, as they gain knowledge to bring back to their community to improve overall welfare, translating into better lives for families in the community.