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Love Forward

Love Forward is our Emergency & Relief Aid initially started in response to needs in the aftermath of three major hurricanes in 2017. St. John Community Promise provided food, shelter, and other emergency support to more than 400 families in Florida, the Bahama Islands and Haiti. Last year, witnessing the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on our communities of color, St. John Community Promise, in partnership with Genesis Community Health and the State of Florida Department of Health, opened the first nonprofit- operated, free standing testing site in Palm Beach County, serving more than 1500 residents in a 6-week period and fully vaccinating 910 individuals. Love Forward also provides ongoing relief and food security to nearly 200 families through our weekly food pantry, and partners with Boynton Beach Faith-based Community Development Corporation to deliver 100 meals to home-bound seniors each week. Our newest initiative, a mobile soup kitchen expected to launch in 2022, will travel to remote areas to serve meals to those less fortunate.

Mental Health Care Program

Our Mental Health Care Programs are designed to illuminate the mental health needs of Black families, bring behavioral and mental health illness out of cultural shadows, and reject the stigma associated with depression, suicide, addiction and other behavioral and mental health issues in black communities.
We provide free Mental Health First Aid Training, a suicide prevention program meant to alleviate social barriers typical in communities of color. St. John Community Promise has provided mental health first aid training for almost 100 community leaders and residents to shed light on mental health issues and connect people to resources. Our Deliverance Project provides small group therapy sessions for adults with substance abuse challenges. Session topics vary and discussion is led by a mental health professional. Our newest Mental Health initiative is called So I Dance, which combines weekly group therapy with ballroom and other forms of dancing. Sessions are led by a licensed mental health professional and a professional dance instructor. Research by The Arts in Psychotherapy, revealed “even one ‘lively’ session of dance can reduce depression.”

Students First

For more than twelve years, Our Students First Program - Promise-U project has provided over $35,000 in graduation gifts and academic scholarships to college students. Last year, we expanded our Students First Program to provide free school supplies for our youngest scholars from low-income households, K through 5th grade, at Title I schools including Poinciana, Galaxy, and Forest Park elementary schools through The School Marketplace, a school-based “store”.
While many organizations give away supplies at the beginning of each school year, a few months later, when the pencils and crayons are used up, the ruler is broken, and the backpack is ripped, neither our kids nor their parents have a way to replace them. The School Marketplace provides these children, from under-resourced homes, year-round access to “FREE” school supplies and learning materials to ensure they can study with confidence and have the supplies they need to do homework and projects- the kinds of supplies their affluent peers have readily available. St. John Community Promise, Inc. has made this promise to support our children, all year long.

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